The Vision Speaks

The Official Publication of The Church of God

The Vision Speaks is a publication of The Church of God. Our publishing house is located at the Star of David Building at Jerusalem Acres. The Vision Speaks was founded by Bishop Grady Kent and current Editor-in-Chief is Presiding Bishop David Lam, Editor is Bishop David Kramer. If you would like to receive copies of the church publication “The Vision Speaks”, please call 423-472-1597 or Email us.

Manual of Apostles’ Doctrine & Procedure

  • Index
  • I. History
  • II. Governmental Structure
  • III. Ministerial Operations
  • IV. Business Procedures
  • V. Doctrines

Sabbath Teaching Lessons

Sabbath Teaching lessons are published quarterly and are weekly lessons that are studied during Sabbath Teaching Services.

The Northern Lights Magazine

The Official Publication of the Northern Territory of The Church of God



Last Days Prophecy Seminar

The Book of Revelation Series

Other Publications