Contact Us

To contact The Church of God at Jerusalem Acres, or to request materials from us, please use the following contact information:

The Church of God Headquarters at Jerusalem Acres

P.O. Box 1207
Jerusalem Acres
Cleveland , TN 37364
Phone: 423-472-1597
Fax: 423-478-5572
Email Our Headquarters Office

Please email us or call for details regarding the following items available:

• The Vision Speaks, The Church of God Manual, various tracts and small publications.

• CDs and DVDs are available of each service from The Feast Of Pentecost – General Assembly in Cleveland, TN from years 2008-Present. Please email us to order a copy. CDs are in a set of 12, DVDs from 2008-2010 come in a sets of 9 . Sets from 2011-Present come in a set of 10.